What is Online Credit Approval?

You can do just about anything online these days, and financing a Ford is no exception. If you aren’t planning on paying the entire cost up front, you’ll need to work with the dealership to establish a payment plan. Continue reading and learn a little bit about online credit approval.

When you finance a car, you must think about factors like the length of the term and the cost of your monthly payments, which are heavily influenced by your credit standing. Your credit score will affect your interest rates, which determines how much you will ultimately pay for your vehicle. Through online credit approval, the dealership’s finance department will decide what kind of package they can offer you based on your credit, your employment, and the vehicle you’ve chosen. Preapproval makes it easier to negotiate your deal, and anyone with a credit score can benefit.

Feel free to call Jack Madden Ford at (888) 836-1758 if you have any questions about financing a new or used Ford in Boston. It’s our job to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you to enjoy the Ford Mustang, Explorer, or Escape, and our website can get you started.

Helping Your Teen Learn How to Drive

Learning to drive may be just as nerve wracking for you as it is exciting for your teenager. Before you send your teen off with a new Ford vehicle, make sure you’ve instilled the right skills and knowledge. Here are some tips on helping your teen learn how to drive.

Start Your Lessons Early

Your kids shape their personalities and behaviors while watching yours, so set a good example for when your teen starts driving. Even before your child is old enough to get behind the wheel, you can start laying the groundwork. Teach your children the basics of how driving works and what to look out for at a young age, so this foundation will already be in place when it comes time to get a permit. Never drive while distracted or intoxicated, as this will only instill negative habits in your children that they may adopt when they start driving as teens.

Log 100 Hours Together

The more you practice driving with your teen, the more comfortable he or she will be during the road test. Comfort and confidence are important characteristics for good drivers. If your teen is prone to panicking behind the wheel, an accident could occur. Offer to take your teen out driving as much as you can in various driving conditions, including heavy traffic and bad weather. It’s a good idea to have 100 hours under the belt before taking the road test.

Create an Agreement

Your kids should understand the importance of being safe on the road, but making an agreement really drives the point home. Have your teens promise you that they won’t distract themselves while driving, will never drive while tired or intoxicated, and will follow the speed limit and all other rules of the road.

The best Ford for your teen might be on our lot at Jack Madden Ford in Boston. You can always stop by our dealership to check out our new and pre-owned cars, but you can also browse our website or call us at (888) 836-1758 for a preview of our options.

Spotlight on the 2018 Ford EcoSport

It’s natural to get excited when you hear of a new Ford that’s hitting the market, which is how people have responded to the 2018 Ford EcoSport. Thanks to its EcoBoost engine, beautiful style inside and out, and features that make you feel like royalty, it’s no wonder it stirs up so much excitement. Read on and put the spotlight on the 2018 Ford EcoSport.

EcoBoost Engine

Ideally, you shouldn’t have to choose between having a powerful engine and protecting the environment. Thanks to the 2018 Ford EcoSport, you don’t have to sacrifice one advantage for the other. The Ford EcoBoost engine uses both direct fuel injection and turbocharging to give you the power you need without increasing your carbon footprint. Turbocharging forces more air through the engine, increasing its power while maintaining fuel economy. Direct injection makes it easier for fuel to get to your engine, which also boosts efficiency.

Interior and Exterior Style

If you’re going to buy a new car, you should go big and ride in style. One of the best parts about Ford is that they focus on both performance and aesthetic styling. The 2018 Ford EcoSport offers style you may never have experienced before. Swinging rear swing gates aren’t all that common, but this could change with the EcoSport. Certain trims also come with a powered moonroof, so you can enjoy the outdoors from the inside, and you can shine signature LED lighting through your headlamps.

Luxury Features

Style is one thing, but luxury is another. The 2018 Ford EcoSport seamlessly integrates the two with heated leather seats, and the leather extends to your steering wheel and shift knob. Start your engine remotely and let your seat and interior warm up, and use your full color touch screen to start your favorite song when you get behind the wheel.

Have you gotten to see the 2018 Ford EcoSport in person? Call Jack Madden Ford at (888) 836-1758 or come visit our new car dealership near Boston. You can also check out our website for more on this new Ford SUV.

Taking a Road Trip this Winter

A winter road trip can be fun and exciting, but it presents some challenges that you wouldn’t encounter during the summer. Your Ford needs to be prepared to drive through inclement weather, and you should have an emergency kit on board. Remember to maintain your vehicle when you get back, but first read on for more insight.

Winterizing Your Vehicle

Some places don’t experience too much of change throughout the year, but other environments see dramatic weather patterns in the weather. If you’re getting ready for a road trip during the winter, think about the conditions you might have to deal with. Make sure your Ford car or truck is prepared to tackle snow, sleet, rain, and ice. Adjust the inflation of your tires to accommodate for the drop in temperature and maintain your grip on the road. Check your HVAC systems so you can deal with heating problems before you set out, and replace your windshield wipers if necessary.

Planning for Emergencies

Breaking down in the summer is inconvenient, but it’s not as dangerous as breaking down during the winter. An emergency kit keeps you safe when you find yourself in this situation. It might include batteries, chargers, or even backup cell phones. Non-perishable snacks can be good to keep around as well, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

Return Maintenance

When you get back from your road trip, the first thing you should do is inspect your vehicle. It might have been a while since you’ve seen a mechanic when you return from a long trip, so see if there are any issues you need to address. Check your tire inflation again, and make sure your windshield wipers are still in working shape. Take another look at your oil and antifreeze as well in case it’s time to change them.

You need a quality Ford in Boston if you’re planning on taking a road trip, so contact Jack Madden Ford or look at your options on our website. Call us at (888) 836-1758 for more on our services.

What Color Should Your New Car Be?

When choosing a color for their new Ford, some people just go with their all-time favorite color. There’s nothing wrong with this, but there are some practical differences between car colors. Keep reading and find out what color your new car should be.

There’s more than aesthetic appeal to think about when you pick a color for your paint job. For example, a black car will absorb more heat than a car of a lighter color. On the other hand, a black car also hides dirt and blemishes, so you might not need to get your car washed as frequently. It is possible that a brightly colored car will be more noticeable on the road, which could protect you from collisions. Additionally, the more popular colors like black, white, and blue may be more attractive to thieves because they’re easier to sell quickly, so a more obscure color may be better.

You can check out your color options for any Ford model you have in mind by visiting Jack Madden Ford or checking out our website. Call us at (888) 836-1758 if you have any questions about our car dealership in Boston or the vehicles we have to offer.

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