Helping Your Teen Learn How to Drive

Learning to drive may be just as nerve wracking for you as it is exciting for your teenager. Before you send your teen off with a new Ford vehicle, make sure you’ve instilled the right skills and knowledge. Here are some tips on helping your teen learn how to drive.

Start Your Lessons Early

Your kids shape their personalities and behaviors while watching yours, so set a good example for when your teen starts driving. Even before your child is old enough to get behind the wheel, you can start laying the groundwork. Teach your children the basics of how driving works and what to look out for at a young age, so this foundation will already be in place when it comes time to get a permit. Never drive while distracted or intoxicated, as this will only instill negative habits in your children that they may adopt when they start driving as teens.

Log 100 Hours Together

The more you practice driving with your teen, the more comfortable he or she will be during the road test. Comfort and confidence are important characteristics for good drivers. If your teen is prone to panicking behind the wheel, an accident could occur. Offer to take your teen out driving as much as you can in various driving conditions, including heavy traffic and bad weather. It’s a good idea to have 100 hours under the belt before taking the road test.

Create an Agreement

Your kids should understand the importance of being safe on the road, but making an agreement really drives the point home. Have your teens promise you that they won’t distract themselves while driving, will never drive while tired or intoxicated, and will follow the speed limit and all other rules of the road.

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