Cold Weather Driving Tips

The winter season is nearly here, and you may want to prepare for the chilly months ahead by investing in a brand-new Ford. Your Ford car or truck will be equipped with the safety and performance features that you will need to drive in harsh weather conditions. To help you stay safe on the roads, here is an overview of some essential cold weather driving tips.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

When you are driving in snowy or icy conditions, your tires will need to be able to properly grip the road. If your tires are underinflated, they may cause you to lose traction on a freezing day. While you are checking your tire inflation levels, make sure to also make sure that your tire treads are not too worn out. If necessary, consider replacing your standard tires for special snow tires during the winter months.

Fill Your Gas Tank

Keeping your gas tank filled is a good idea, throughout every season of the year. In the winter, however, it is especially important to make sure that your gas tank never reaches less than half filled. If you let your gas tank run to empty, your gas lines could be at risk of freezing and causing serious mechanical problems in your vehicle.

Warm Up Your Car

Cold temperatures can make it harder for your vehicle’s internal systems to reach the right temperature. When you first start your engine up in the morning, allow extra time for your car to warm up. Taking the time to warm up your vehicle in the winter will help you to achieve the best possible performance and efficiency, all season long.

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