Ford Focus in Boston

The Ford Focus has been manufactured by the Ford company since 1998. This popular and versatile economy vehicle offers a wide variety of standard and optional features, while maintaining superior style, drivability, and reliability. Whether you are looking for an all-new Ford Focus or ready to browse pre-owned cars near Boston, Jack Madden Ford can help you find the perfect Ford for you from among our inventory of new and pre-owned cars and trucks.

The Ford Focus Hatchback
The Ford Focus is available in both a sedan and a hatchback design. While sedans remain the most popular type of Ford cars, there are many reasons to consider purchasing a Ford Focus hatchback if it is better suited to your daily needs.

  • Hatchbacks offer a more accessible trunk space that can be customized to fit larger, bulkier items. The Ford Focus’ hatchback design lets you more easily carry large loads if you frequently find yourself requiring significant cargo space.
  • In addition to providing more room, the hatchback design also offers easier access to the car’s cargo space. If you have difficulty lifting objects into a standard trunk, a hatchback could be the perfect design option for you.
  • Sedans are often considered a more classical vehicle, while today’s hatchbacks are seen as fun, sporty, and versatile cars. Many vehicle owners prefer the look of a hatchback because it offers a stylish yet functional break from the traditional look of a sedan.
  • Because of their flatter rear features, hatchbacks can be easier to maneuver in small or tight parking lots and streets. Many city drivers prefer the hatchback design because it is easier to find parking and offers some protection against accidental damage in crowded areas.

A Tour of Some of the Ford Focus Titanium’s Available Features
Not only is the Ford Focus versatile and fun, it also aims to provide a safe and enjoyable driving experience. If you’re ready to discover the benefits of owning and driving a Ford, please call Jack Madden Ford today at (888) 836-1758 or visit our Ford dealership off the Boston-Providence Turnpike.

  • The BLIS blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert is designed to help you easily avoid collisions and make smarter lane changes while on the road.
  • Ford’s lane-keeping system uses continuous camera monitoring to identify road markings, then detect and correct for unintentional drifting toward the edges of your current lane.
  • The Focus’ active park assist makes parallel and street parking simple by completely automating the process of pulling into a curbside parking spot, from the identification of a suitable area to maneuvering your car into the chosen spot.

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