Trading in Your Current Car for a Ford

If your current car is no longer meeting your needs for efficiency, safety, or style, you may want to visit your local Ford dealership. The new Ford lineup of cars and trucks includes models that are suited for every type of driver. To receive financial assistance towards your purchase of a new Ford, you may even be able to trade in your old car at the dealership. Some of the steps of trading in your current car for a Ford are as follows:

Learn Your Car’s Value

The first step of the trade in process involves doing some research on your own. Before you visit the Ford dealership, take the time to learn the approximate value of your current vehicle. Popular online resources, such as Kelley Blue Book, can provide you with a rough estimate of how much your car is worth in its current condition.

Receive a Quote from the Dealership

After you have gotten a sense of how much your car is worth, you will be ready to head down to your local Ford dealership. At the dealership, an appraiser will provide you with a quote for your vehicle’s current trade in value. Once you are ready to purchase your new Ford, you can use this trade in value towards the total cost of your purchase.

Explore New Makes and Models

The final step of the trade in process is to figure out which Ford will be suited for your current driving needs and lifestyle. Your local Ford dealership will have dozens of models to choose from, so you may need to take a few test drives before you settle on the perfect vehicle.

If you would like to learn more about how you can trade in your current car for a new Ford, contact Jack Madden Ford by calling (888) 836-1758. Our finance department will be thrilled to provide you with additional information about our current Ford specials and trade in offers. With our help, you will be able to purchase a new Ford in Boston.

Your Guide to Ford Commercial Trucks

For the past century, Ford has been building commercial trucks that are rugged, hardworking, and comfortable. Now, 100 years since the first Ford truck made its debut, Ford offers a versatile lineup of commercial vehicles that are suited for all types of businesses. Whether you are seeking a delivery van or equipment hauler, Ford is sure to have the right vehicle for the job. Here is a quick guide to some of Ford’s most popular commercial trucks.

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect is an iconic member of their commercial vehicle lineup. This durable vehicle combines the capabilities of a commercial truck with the spaciousness and luxury of a van. On the interior, the Transit Connect offers ample space for all of your tools or goods. You can also customize the interior of your Transit Connect so that it is ready to haul all of your specialized cargo.

Ford Stripped Chassis

If you are seeking a vehicle that offers even more interior space, the Ford Stripped Chassis may be the model that you have been waiting for. This big, boxy commercial vehicle is large enough to serve as a home away from home. In 2017, Ford now offers four unique variations on its popular Stripped Chassis model.

Ford E-Series Cutaway

When you purchase a new Ford E-Series Cutaway, you will be able to customize your commercial vehicle to meet the exacting demands of your industry. Ford has engineered this model with several available packages, which include specialized features such as ambulance equipment, shuttle bus equipment, and motor home features. With a towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds, the E-Series Cutaway is ready to work hard for your business.

At Jack Madden Ford, we can provide you with specifications for all of the commercial vehicles in the Ford lineup. Our new Ford dealership near Boston offers an extensive inventory of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. To get behind the wheel of a new Ford Super Duty or Transit Connect, call our sales department at (888) 836-1758.

Driving in Winter Weather

When the snow starts falling this winter, a few simple driving habits can help you to feel safer on the road. In this video from The Fast Lane Car, you will learn some driving tips for winter weather. To avoid slipping when you drive in the snow, consider investing in snow tires. You can also engage the four-wheel drive system in your Ford truck for extra traction and stability.

At Jack Madden Ford, we can help you find a new Ford that is ready to handle any driving conditions. Our popular Ford dealership in Boston carries a wide range of new Ford cars at great prices. To hear all about the terrific Ford specials that we currently have to offer, give us a call at (888) 836-1758.

Set Your Sights on the 2018 Ford Expedition

Since it first made its debut in 1997, the Ford Expedition has been commanding roadways across America. When you are looking ahead to your next Ford purchase, you may want to review some of the exciting features that will be available for the Ford Expedition in 2018. Next year, the Expedition will feature upgraded drivetrains, expanded technology, and a suite of other innovative features. Read on for a look at what the 2018 Expedition has to offer for your daily drives.

Commanding Performance

At the core of the 2018 Expedition is a powerful drivetrain that will be ready to traverse the toughest driving conditions. In the coming model year, Ford has engineered the Expedition with a new 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine that boasts an impressive 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Whether you are cruising down the highway or exploring the backcountry, the Expedition offers the performance features that are needed to get you to your destination with ease.

Spacious Interior

Whether you have a growing family, or just want plenty of room for your gear, the Expedition has been designed to provide you with plenty of interior space. For the 2018 model year, Ford has introduced the spacious Expedition MAX model. This large SUV is almost twelve inches longer than the standard Expedition model.

Premium Finishes

Along with being incredibly capable, the Expedition will also bring amazing luxury to your daily drives. The 2018 Expedition has been appointed with first-class features, such as premium upholstery, wood grain finishes, and a redesigned center console. From behind the wheel of the new Expedition, you will feel like you are the king of the road.

To become one of the first drivers to take home the 2018 Expedition, make a trip down to the Jack Madden Ford dealership in Boston. We specialize in selling new Ford cars, and we will have the upcoming Expedition as soon as it becomes available. For more information about our current stock of vehicles, call us at (888) 836-1758.

What to Do When You Need Service for Your Ford Vehicle

After you purchase a new Ford, it is important to keep up with your vehicle’s routine service requirements. From changing the oil to replacing the brake pads, there are many different services that are essential for the safety and performance of your car. If your car is due for a tune-up, do not wait to make a service appointment at your Ford dealership. Let’s review some steps to take when you need service for your Ford.

Pay Attention to the Symptoms

While some automotive problems may not show immediate symptoms, others will be very apparent. To help your mechanic fix the problem, you should pay close attention to the various symptoms that your vehicle is demonstrating. Whether you are hearing clanks and bangs, or noticing a strange smell, be ready to report the problems to your mechanic.

Consult Your Owner’s Manual

Your Ford will come with an owner’s manual that contains valuable information about the service requirements of your vehicle. If you suspect that your car is in need of repairs, you can consult your owner’s manual to figure out what types of maintenance procedures are required for your car’s particular mileage. Your owner’s manual may be able to help you get to the bottom of what is going wrong in your car.

Contact the Dealership

One of the most essential steps that you can take when your car needs service is to get in touch with your dealership’s service department. The team of mechanics who work at your dealership will have access to the tools and parts that are needed to repair your Ford correctly. Rather than waiting for the problem to resolve itself, take the time to make an immediate appointment.

If your Ford is in need of service, contact the Jack Madden Ford service department by calling (888) 836-1758. Our new Ford dealership near Boston offers a range of repair and maintenance services for Ford owners. With our help, you can keep your Ford Fusion running perfectly.

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