An Inside Look at Ford's Super Duty Testing

Ford Super Duty BostonAs the top selling American vehicle in history, the Ford F-150 can be seen on city streets and country roads around the United States. Ford trucks have gained their exceptional popularity due to their versatile features, outstanding performance, and legendary toughness. When you are seeking Ford trucks near Boston, you should be sure to check out the amazing features that the Ford F-150 has to offer you. In order to demonstrate the durability of its trucks, Ford places each new model under torture testing in extreme conditions. Let’s take a closer look at how Ford Super Duty testing works.

Driving Simulations
At the core of Ford’s Super Duty testing is a series of evaluations that simulate real life driving conditions. The engineers at Ford have developed a special device, which is able to bend, twist, and shake the Ford truck in many different ways. These tests are performed over a simulated stretch of 225,000 miles, and allow Ford to evaluate the true durability of its new trucks.

Extreme Conditions
Along with testing how the Ford Super Duty will respond to many miles on the road, Ford also includes extreme conditions in its testing procedure. For example, the testing process includes spraying the Super Duty with highly corrosive acid sprays and making sure that the paint holds up. Additionally, the truck will be exposed to extremely hot and cold temperatures.

An Inside Look
To provide an inside look at the truck testing process, Ford has recently invited several drivers from a variety of industries to take a look at how a Ford is evaluated. These workers and drivers will be invited to share their stories about what they learned from the Ford testing process.

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